Exhibitions in London: The O2 presents “My Name is Prince”, the first exhibition dedicated to the late musical icon

The 21-day exhibition will give visitors a glimpse at several never-before-seen Prince memorabilia, from stage outfits to musical instruments.

Aug 30, 2017 | By Pameyla Cambe

After his passing in April last year, there hasn’t quite been anything to fill the hole that the legendary singer-songwriter Prince left behind. The late musician had been a source of inspiration to countless artists across genres and generations, including David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Stevie Nicks and Justin Timberlake. Aptly dubbed the “modern Mozart”, Prince left behind a legacy that is unparalleled, encompassing the worlds of music, fashion and pop culture.

To honour the one-of-a-kind artist, The O2 in London will be hosting the world premiere of the very first official exhibition dedicated to the icon: “My Name is Prince”. Opening on October 27, the unique retrospective will showcase never-before-seen artefacts from Paisley Park, the famous Minnesota private estate owned by the singer.

Visitors will get an unprecedented look into the life and vision of one the world’s most creative minds, with exhibits featuring a multitude of Prince’s instruments, stage outfits, awards and handwritten song lyrics.

For the first time, costumes from both the artist’s 1984-85 Purple Rain tour and 1988-89 LoveSexy tour will be on display for the world to see. Fans can also expect to get a close-up peek at the orange cloud guitar from the singer’s 2007 Super Bowl halftime performance. (This item, in particular, is special because it comes in Prince’s favourite colour, as revealed by his sister.)

“My Name is Prince” will only be in London for 21 days, as a reference to the musician’s 21 record-breaking, sold-out concerts held at the O2 back in 2007. For self-confessed Prince devotees, there will be an Exclusive Preview Night Event held on October 26 which offers a private preview of the exhibition. Find out more and get your tickets at The O2’s website.

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