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Revealed: Prince Online Museum, Auction Results

Apart from honoring his achievements and contributions, the artist’s Purple Rain outfits were sold this week.

Jul 05, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

Prince, the talented singer-songwriter and international man of mystery may have been laid to rest but his name and legacy live on. To honor the late artist and his contribution to both the musical and digital worlds, an Internet archive featuring 12 of Prince’s official websites has been launched.

The launch of the online museum comes exactly a decade after he closed his award-winning digital NPG Music Club. The museum now serves as an ode to his contributions and accomplishments for the online communities. Described as a labor of love, the museum will not be selling downloads nor will membership fees be required. Like Prince, the museum will be supporting the organisation #YesWeCode. The goal is to help 100,000 low opportunity gain a high-paying career in the technology industry.Prince-Purple-Rain-Outfit-auctioned

The artist was in the news for other reasons as well this week. One of his signature Purple Rain outfits was bought at an auction called “Profiles in History” for $192,000. The ruffled ivory silk shirt and black-and-white blazer was seen in the Oscar winning film Purple Rain. The seller was not Prince’s estate but instead the sibling of a makeup artist for the film and the sale was planned long before the artist’s sudden death. The buyers are anonymous.

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