Globally Renowned Beijing Opera Troupe Mei Lanfang Performs for the first time in Cambodia to celebrate 60th Anniversary of Sino-Cambodian Relations

Awesome Global Investment Group stage first cultural event in Phnom Penh, forging a bridge for cultural exchange between the two cultures.

Nov 23, 2018 | By LUXUO

To celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations between China and Cambodia, the renowned Mei Lanfang opera troupe from Beijing put on a dazzling performance in Phnom Penh for luminaries and dignitaries from Cambodia.

Globally Renowned Beijing Opera Troupe Mei Lanfang Performs for the first time in Cambodia to celebrate 60th Anniversary of Sino-Cambodian Relations

The Mei Lanfang dance troupe, under the Jingju Theatre Company of Beijing, is China’s most celebrated opera troupes, and has been the performers of choice for top state functions . They have performed in the USA, Russia, UK, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Spain just to name a few, spreading the centuries-old culture of Beijing opera.

This premiere performance in Cambodia was organized by prominent Cambodian-based conglomerate Awesome Global Investment Group and its subsidiary WowStar Entertainment, as well as the Jingju Theatre Company of Beijing. Through these performances, the organiser Awesome Global Investment hopes to deepen the cultural ties between China and Cambodia, and increase the chances for interactions between the peoples of the two countries.

During the performances in Phnom Penh over 3 days from 8 Nov to 11 Nov, audiences were treated to Beijing opera classics like Legend of the White Snake, Farewell to my Concubine Green Stone Mountain, Concubine Gets Drunk, among many other evergreen classics. The performances drew on centuries of Beijing opera tradition, and was extremely well received by the audience, which encompassed dignitaries from government and business from Cambodia including Lok Chumteav Pen Channy Hing Bun Heang, H.E General Nop Rottana, Lok Chumteav Chem Sokorn, H.E Nop Rothnimol, Lok Chumteav Hing Sokleap, Ambassador Myint Soe of Myammar, Counsellor Zaher M Alkhurainej of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait, and other VIPs.

(Centre) Lok Chumteav Pen Channy Hing Bun Heang & Mr Chen Baotong, (From left) General Nop Rothnimol, Lok Chumteav Ning Sokleap,

HE General Nop Rottana & Mr Chen Baotong

Mr Li Enjie, President of the Jingju Theatre Company of Beijing of Mei Lanfang, said “We are delighted to come to Cambodia for the first time to perform. We can feel the warmth of the Cambodian people, as well as their interest in Beijing Opera. It is our wish to spread the knowledge and interest in traditional Beijing Opera, as well as to build a further friendship with the Cambodian people”

Mr Martin Chen, CEO and Founder of Awesome Global Investment Group said:

“We are honoured to have been able to invite the esteemed Mei Lanfang to perform in Cambodia.”

“This first performance is an extremely great way to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Sino-Cambodian relations, and Awesome Global is pleased to facilitate this cultural bridge between China and Cambodia.” and “We plan to assist in facilitating many other such cultural events to come”

From Center to Right: Lok Chumteav Pen Channy Hing Bun Heang, Lok Chumteav Chem Sokorn & HE General Nop Rottana

Ambassador Myint Soe of Myammar

(3rd from Left): Li Enjie President of Jingju Theater Company of Beijing, (4th from left): Ambassador Myint Soe, Myammar, (6th from left) Mr Chen Baotong, (8th from left): Ms Evelyn Pek, Deputy CEO of Awesome Global, (10th from left) Benny Pin, MD Wowstar Entertainment

About Awesome Global

Awesome Global Investment Group company was founded in 2017, it is one of the most competitive in Cambodia’s emerging companies. The company has been set up in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for two years, and has since opened up a huge business in Cambodia in the following five business areas: Technology, Travel, Entertainment, F&B and Investments. Wowstar Entertainment Group is a subsidiary of Awesome Global.

About Jingju Theatre Company of Beijing

Established in the early spring of 1979, the Beijing Opera Theater Company of Beijing is one of the largest and most prestigious Beijing Opera performance groups in China. It is directly affiliated to the Beijing Municipal Government and enjoys an incomparable status in domestic opera performance. With a large repertoire of traditional and modern productions, the group has made remarkable achievements inheriting and developing the art of Beijing Opera.

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