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Jewellery auctions in New York: Guernsey’s is set to auction the Marcial de Gomar collection in April

The rare gems that have been part of a private collection for over five decades will soon go under the hammer in New York

Feb 23, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

Colombia is a country that has given the world great things: coffee and Shakira being just two of those. However, the South American nation also holds the title of being the world’s biggest producer of emeralds. The precious gem may not be a girl’s best friend but it certainly captures your attention with its colour and intensity. On April 25, the American auction house Guernsey’s, will be auctioning off several fine emeralds from Colombia that make up the Marcial de Gomar Collection.

The collection is made up of over 20 loose emeralds and 13 pieces of emerald jewellery as well as a selection of rare gold and silver coins. Those interested in bidding for the emeralds can be assured of its quality and authenticity. Owned by the founder of Emeralds International, Manuel Marcial de Gomar, each stone was acquired during his 55-year career. The collection will be shown to the public on April 23 but there are a few pieces that stand out from the rest.

The featured lots, include the La Gloria that stands at a whopping 887 carats. The rough gem comes from the Muzo mine in Colombia, which is famous for producing some of the finest emeralds in the world. The La Gloria also stands as one of the largest museum-quality emeralds in the world. The second lot that has now joined our wishlist, is the Tears of Fura. Also from the Muzo mine, the pair of emeralds are unique due to their size and similarity.

The final featured lot of the collection is the Marcial de Gomar Star. The emerald is known to be the largest of eleven-star emeralds in existence as a double-sided emerald. Joining these notable selections, are cut emeralds that were found with the famous sunken galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha.

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