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Work Relation 2014

Adidas & Marina Abramovic collaborate to create a short film that celebrates the world cup

Jul 18, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Adidas has collaborated with renowned performance artist Marina Abramovic to create a short film by SHOWstudio to herald in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in brazil as well as to celebrate the brand’s partnership with the organization. The short 3-minute film features the first ever re-staging of Abramovic’s 1978 performance artwork “work relation”. This performance represents intense teamwork and strength found in togetherness. Her performance is re-imagined in the context of the world cup. Eleven performers performing in the video represent the football team and, as a team, they demonstrate discipline and persistence in transporting stones from one side of a room to another using only buckets and their strength. 

”one similarity between performance and sport that I wanted to highlight in this video is the importance of group collaboration,’ explains abramovic. ‘when ulay and I originally performed the piece work relation in 1978, the power of collective strength came through in the performance. I believe that it is important to learn from other disciplines in order to bring new life to whatever it is that you do. this is something at the heart of my institute, MAI, and something that I felt was important to convey in this video, which was itself a collaborative project.”


Learn more about SHOWstudio here

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