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Where Is My Mind

Andrea Costantini brings daydreams of the city to life

Dec 21, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Washington DC-based illustrator Andrea Costantini depicts human subjects daydreaming about cities through a series of image manipulations titled Where Is My Mind. Using headshots of his subject’s profiles, Costantini imposes though bubbles into the photographs and blends in images of architecture and cities. This display of thoughtful expressions dwelling over their heads represents the universal experience of daydreaming about faraway places that one misses or hopes to someday visit. In some photographs, the daunting expressions of his subjects faces, that he reveals by showing one of their eyes, and the overwhelming quality of building architecture and dense landscapes perched on top of their heads, also imply the dwelling of daily responsibilities in a crowded city. 

Costantini explains that his interest of this series lies in the “atmosphere that certain environments can create, and also the emotions it can provoke.”

Visit his Facebook Page to see more of his extraordinary work. 

Daydream 9

Daydream 8

Daydream 1



Daydream 2

Daydream 4

Daydream 5

Daydream 7


via My Modern Met

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