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Urban Geodes

Paige Smith’s crystal installations bring beauty to decaying street corners

May 09, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Artist Paige Smith’s crystal rock installations have brought beauty to decaying street corners. Over the past few years, the LA-based graphic designer (also known as “A Common Name”) has been installing crystal roks, she calls “urban geodes”, onto decaying corners and surfaces in cities like Madrid, Instanbul, and Philadelphia. By placing these colorful and shimmery details into otherwise unnoticed and forgotton spaces, she recharges the corners with a new life and beauty. 

Smith writes, “Geodes are formations made and found in nature and my process of using manmade materials and placing them in major cities concurrently signals the tension between nature and industry and celebrates the beauty of urban space. My work is infused with a magical realism that encourages us to pause, to discover, to be present and to find beauty in the mundane.”

Learn more about the artist and her project here.  

 Urban Geodes 1

Urban Geodes 2

Urban Geodes 3

Urban Geodes 4

Urban Geodes 5

Urban Geodes 6

Urban Geodes 7

Urban Geodes 8

Urban Geodes 9

Urban Geodes 11



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