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Angelo Musco’s digital feather work is made up of tens of thousands of naked bodies

May 10, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Do not be deceived by the simplicity of this feather artwork. Artist Angelo Musco’s painting is actually made up of tens of thousands of nude human bodies. Titled P1 (Aves), this artwork of an elegant white floating feather is actually a digital photo that is made out thousands of naked bodies weaved together using photoshop. He created this image by first photographing dozens of live models in pre-planned poses. Using simple photoshopping and editing skills, the artist meticulously adjust the size and color of each body and put them together to form the realistic-looking textured feather. Musco explains, “In the Aves series, the images are minimal and restrained on the surface but complex, poetic and compelling just below the surface. The images are presented lightly floating on the air or gently falling downward, a frozen dance, a silent musical bridge, an ongoing paradox of lightness. ” Learn more about ANgelo Musco and his artowrk here


P1 Aves


Aves 1

Aves 2




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