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This is Not a Time to Lie

Freestyle Poetry and Kaleidoscopic Animation by Lei Lei

Apr 01, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Our imagination is a funny thing. 26 year old Chinese animation artist Lei Lei has created a short animated film titled “This is Not a Time to Lie”. The Nachang native explains that “no plots, storyboards or scripts were involved” in the creation of this hallucinatory animation. The process centred on the artist’s own impulse and imagination while editing this film. It follows a doe-eyed protagonist on a journey through an enchanting world. Lei Lei constructs this world from images of vintage book covers and motifs designed by his own father (who was a graphic designer). Inspired by freestyle poetry of his group Hhheeeiii and musicians Stars Lee and J-fever, the music and lyrics underscoring this short animated film adds to its dream-like and whimsical feel. 

Lei Lei is known to devise his multimedia art from a variety of sources.Since training at the Academy of Art and Design in Tsinghua, he has crafted multimedia works that have shown at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art. A more commonly shared work of his on the web is a multimedia project titled Recycled. This was a stop-motion piece that used thousands of negatives found at a recycling zone in Beijing by French photography artist Thomas Sauvin.



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Learn more about Lei Lei here ! 



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