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Tank Works

Mariele Neudecker constructs landscapes within Glass Aquariums

Oct 02, 2014 | By Staff Writer

German Artist Mariele Neudecker marries Science with Art in her ongoing sculpture series titled Tank Works. Her series features large aquariums with 3-dimensional landscapes built inside that is illuminated by chemical reactions. Neudecker first fills the aquariums with water and then places mini sculptures in the tank- such as model ships, trees and mountains. She then adds chemicals in the water that spark reactions, hence illuminating the micro landscape in the tank. Over time, the chemicals in the water causes the atmosphere in the water to change- representing a beautiful climate shift within the environment created in the tanks. In fusing chemistry with art, Neudecker introduces life and nature to an artificial landscape. The Artist’s works often reflect natural landscapes, touching on environmental issues and our everchanging global landscape. Visit Mariele Neudecker’s Website Here









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