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Surreal Homes

Matthias Jung creates unusually beautiful architectural collages

Mar 29, 2015 | By Staff Writer

German graphic designer Matthias Jung has created digital collages of imaginative houses that we would like to encounter in real life. Each house is unusual in its architecuture, but stunningly built with a mashup of various textures and styles. He goes to the extent of placing a forest on the roof of the house. Using photo material he collects, he renders interesting forms and concepts. He calls his creations “architectural short poems”, and turning the logic of architecture upside down, he proposes another perspective on how we can view a home. 

Find more of his works on his website, where he also sells some prints of his collages.

Surreal Homes

Surreal Homes 1

Surreal Homes 2

Surreal Homes 3

Surreal Homes 4

Surreal Homes 5

Surreal Homes 6



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