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Solar Spectrum Art

Prism Installations by Peter Erskines

Apr 25, 2015 | By Staff Writer

American artist Peter Erskines has spent his last 30 years exploring the beauty that sunlight can create when passed through his strategically placed laser-cut prisms. Since the 80s, he has visited various modern and historical sites to create stunning rainbow installations with his prisms. His main focus is on exploring the manner in which light falls on various surfaces, and how the light brings new meaning and energy to these spaces. The spectrums cast against the architecture of his chosen spaces not only brings new life to them, but because of their unique shapes created due to the strategically placed glass, beautifully highlight the existing shapes in the space. Erskine describes that his purpose of his work is ”to address the full range of nature from its most elemental expression as pure light to its most complex expression as global ecology.” Learn more about the artist and his stunning light displays captured through the years on his website here

 Secrets Of The Sun 2

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Secrets Of The Sun




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