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Tian Haisu creates Chinese landscape paintings using her roller skates

Apr 26, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Tian Haisu has become the world’s first roller-skating artist! The young artist, who is currently a student at the California College of Art, has found a way to combine her love of rollerskating with her interest in traditional Chinese paintings. Instead of employing (what would have to be) abnormally thick calligraphy brushes to complete her 13 by 6 meter tall landscapes, Tian instead straps on her blank-ink dipped roller skates and meticulously skates on the surface of the canvas to create these patterns. To add the finer details, she gently touches the front of her skates to the ground. She calls her unique process “landskating.”  

“My whole body is involved and I produce all kinds of ink landscapes, such creation is full of power, speed and rhythm,” she writes. Tian’s artwork first became recognized when she was 18 when one of her works was put on display during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Now at 25, the artist has already showcased her art at various exhibitions across China and the US, winning numerous awards and also receiving the title of the goodwill ambassador for the Beijing Huaya Education Fund. Learn more about the artist here










Landskating Art 550x301


via ccc gallery and Oddity Central

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