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Simon Beck – Snow designs

Artist Simon Beck creates stunning designs on snow all just with his very own feet

Jan 01, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Simon Beck Snow Designs

When you look at these photos, it would be hard to believe that these intricate patterns were made by artist Simon Beck by foot. Literally walking miles in special shoes in the snow to create these pieces, Beck creates his incredibly delicate and detailed art in the snow of Savoie Valley in France, overlooking Mont Blanc.

Each pattern is crafted by Beck alone as he creates his designs from shapes like snowflakes and spirals to cubes and more abstract creations. The way he gets such a stunning and captivating outcome is because he uses an orienteering compass to create the perfect geometric designs, some equivalent to the size of six football pitches.

The most interesting thing of the whole thing is however, that Beck still creates these masterpieces despite knowing that it might be gone the very next day. That’s true dedication right there.

Simon Beck Snow Designs 1

 Simon Beck Snow Designs 2 

 Simon Beck Snow Designs 4

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