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Set in Stone Winter Exhibition – A Collection of Fine Fossils

Set in Stone Gallery is back in Singapore for the second time this year to feature more visually stunning fossil specimens.

Dec 17, 2013 | By Staff Writer

Set in Stone Gallery returns to Singapore with its exhibition for its winter exhibition – A Glimpse into a Lost World. Held at Artspace@Helutrans from 6 December 2013 to 19 January 2014, the Winter Exhibition will showcase an extensive collection of world-class fossils, specializing in the attention to fine detail and visual appeal.

Cliff Hartono is the founder and director of Set in Stone Gallery Pte Ltd. Passionate about fossils since he was five, Hartono gave up a career in finance to pursue his passion of fossils full-time in 2012. Since then, he has travelled around the globe to find the most breath taking and beautiful fossil specimens.

The exhibition will feature 16 new fossils from around the world that were personally sourced by Hartono. The exhibition will also feature one of the highlights from the Spring Exhibition – a 50 million-year-old palm fossil and two stingray specimens from this locale which are a popular exhibit piece for museums amongst others.

However, nothing can beat the remarkable Trionyx – a soft-shelled turtle that is so rare that experts estimate that only one is found for every 10,000 fish fossils.

Set In Stone Winter Exhibition A Collection Of Fine Fossils 3

Set In Stone Winter Exhibition A Collection Of Fine Fossils 1

Set In Stone Winter Exhibition A Collection Of Fine Fossils 4

Set in Stone Gallery is already making plans for the future, having their next exhibition next year in June and planning to hold two exhibitions a year in Singapore. Audiences can visit to view the specimens and most exhibits are available for purchase as well.

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