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Narita airport’s newest terminal connected with indoor running tracks

Apr 15, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Way ahead of the 2020 tokyo Olympics, narita’s international airport now has a newly installed indoor running track that circuits around the entire terminal. Designed and completed by Japanese creative lab PARTY, in collaboration with muji and consultants nikken, the team designed a color-coded circuit that links the entire terminal.  Not only will it help with directions, but it will also provide a comfortable walking experience for the travellers at the airport. Unlike a conventional airport terminal, there is no moving travelator or walkways with illuminated signs in the airport. Instead, the red and blue running lanes will work as universal signs that inform the travellers of which direction they are headed in- with the blue paths pointing to departure gates and the red paths guiding people to arrival gates. This design at the airport leaves a poignant impression on its visitors about the efficient and innovative culture of Japan.

Learn more about this project on PARTY’s official page here


Run Way 7

 Run Way 2

Run Way 3

Run Way 4

Run Way 5

Run Way 6


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