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Les Coquins

Marion Fayolle’s erotic illustrations

Apr 15, 2015 | By Staff Writer

French illustrator Marion Fayolle has released these delightfully clever (and naughty) illustrations that portrays sex in a light-hearted manner. Her series she calls “Les Coquins”, translating to “mischievous” or “naughty”, are colored drawings depicting men with rockets for penises and women with golf holes as their crotches. Naked couples are shown engaging in very strange activities that take after commonly heard sexual puns. The comical and innocent nature of these images creates a great contrast to the actual explicit sexual act. Like this series, Fayolle’s other works convey darker themes of passion, love, longing and lust beneath their breezy façades. The illustrations have been published in a cute picture book, which can be purchased online. 

See more of the Marion Fayolle’s illustrations here. 


Les Coquins

Les Coquins 1

Les Coquins 2

Les Coquins 3

Les Coquins 4

Les Coquins 5

Les Coquins 6

Les Coquins 7

Les Coquins 8



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