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Right Before I Die

Andrew George pays tribute to the people who see death coming with acceptance and peace

Jun 03, 2014 | By Staff Writer

It is in crucial moments that we find perspective. Perspective on our own mortality, of existence and of things that matter. There is no single event that forces perspective more than death, or the idea of it being inevitable and impending. In the face of death, what will we value most? What will we find out about ourselves? And perhaps most importantly, how do we react? 

Andrew George’s series ‘Right Before I Die’ is a brave, and heartbreaking, exploration into these questions. The series features portraits alongside excerpts of interviews conducted with 20 individuals who stare death in the face “with acceptance and peace”. The interviews with the different individuals reveal happiness, regrets and fears both past and present. The result is a beautiful portrait of each person and a tribute to the lives they have led. 

The series highlights those who have come to a profound understanding of life and death, and carries the hope that their perspectives will inspire others. On his website, George states “I believe it takes real courage to accept that everything we see as so vital and integral to our lives will vanish…These testimonies of uniquely forged strength in facing death – and making sense of life with such brutal honesty – are something from which I believe we can all take inspiration, hopefully using it to enrich our own lives.” 


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