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Re-Directed Art

David Irvine revives unwanted paintings with these hilarious additions

Jan 04, 2015 | By Staff Writer

David Irvine gives a second life to unwanted paintings by adding his own hilarious touch. In his ongoing series, titled “Re-directed Art”, the artist inserts cartoon characters, unusual imagery and pop culture icons into paintings that he finds at thrift shops, yard sales and, even on the curb. For example, he paints Darth Vader and a storm trooper fishing on a tranquil lake and inserts cartoon characters like Bambi into an already-present idyllic landscape. The quirky characters look displaced in the picturesque landscapes and cityscapes. In each work, he never paints over the existing signature of the original artist. He adapts to the colour, lighting and brushstrokes of the original painting, blending his additions seamlessly into the existing artwork. However, in some pieces he uses opposite techniques, achieving a high contrast and adding humor to the paintings. Irvine transforms the narratives of these once-forgotten works into something that’s lighthearted and funny, giving these pieces a second change and inviting people to enjoy them again.

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