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Painter Lady

Candice Tripp’s macabre illustrations

Mar 12, 2015 | By Staff Writer

“In summary I sprang from my parents loins towards the end of 1985 in Cape Town, South Africa,” describes the Candice Tripp on her website. 

The illustrator, now based in the UK, has a dark sense of humor that pervades her entire body of work. Her paintings lend themselves to a horror and macabre genre, featuring masked children and cool-colored mysterious forests, with uncanny-looking creatures. The witty titles she prescribes to each painting also evokes a sense of mystery- as if foreboding a twisted fairy tale. 

She orignially studied fashion in London, but eventually became a full-time artist in 2010. She has showcased her works in solo and group exhibitions across the US and UK. 

“In case I ever get lost, I’ve dropped a trail of breadcrumb”  

Learn more about Candice Tripp on her website here 




Painter Lady Painter Lady 1 Painter Lady 2 Painter Lady 3 Painter Lady 4 Painter Lady 5



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