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Mud Paintings by Yusuke Asai

Artist covers classroom walls in India with intricate patterns created using mud

May 15, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Japanese Artist Yusuke Asai has decorated the walls and ceilings of the Niranjana School in India with intricate mud paintings. Located in Bahar, the school was set up using donations from Japanese students; one of which was Asai. His mud paintings were created as part of the Wall Art Festival in Sujata Village in Bahar. His public artwork in the school was done with the aim to raise more awareness about the school and the children and villagers living in impoverished Bahar. The project was initiated with the aim of bringing art into the lives of the children within this isolated community where the arts and culture is less accessible. After the paintings are displayed, Asai encourages the children to contribute by washing away the mud paintings, returning the material to the soil. Through this, he imparts knowledge to the participants about the cycle of life and teaches the children to have a greater appreciation of nature. 

His intricate mud paintings are created using 8 different types of local mud, dirt and dust. Asai mixes this palatte to form a variety of colours and textures which he uses to bring depth to his wall paintings. The patterns and designs are inspired by people, nature and the environment. His signature swirls, spirals and curves bring the overall aesthetic of the work to life. Admiring it is an immersive experience, allowing the viewers to see the different corners of the universe and various aspects of life. 


Mud Paintings By Yusuke Asai

Mud Paintings By Yusuke Asai 1

Mud Paintings By Yusuke Asai 2

Mud Paintings By Yusuke Asai 3

Mud Paintings By Yusuke Asai 5

Mud Paintings By Yusuke Asai 6

See Yusuke Asai’s website here ! 

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