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Justin Quinnell Transforms His Mouth Into A Pinhole Camera

Aug 04, 2014 | By Staff Writer

As if transforming beer cans and glasses into cameras weren’t impressive enough, pinhole photographer Justin Quinnell has transformed his mouth into a camera that captures worthwhile photographs. Pinhole cameras are homemade devices that can be formed from a light proof box, film and a small hole in aluminum foil created with a prick of a pin. This pinhole acts as a lens for the camera, forcing all light on the chosen object which will then form on the film.Quinnell recently put a pinhole camera inside his mouth and documented snapshots of a day in his life. This includes a visit to the dentist and even holding his children. Despite the images captured being distorted due to the extreme close ups these cameras produce, they are a genuine depiction of reality from a rare perspective.


Mouthpiece 1

Mouthpiece 2

Mouthpiece 3

Mouthpiece 4

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