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Ino Zeljak ‘stitches’ portraits together in an exploration of relationships

Jul 30, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Zagreb-based student Ino Zeljak’s series Metamorfoza explores the similarities and differences between people. By ‘stitching’ together portraits of people related either by blood or close relationships, he explores how we resemble or differ from each other. The portraits of two people are seamlessly melded together to create an image that could be a real person. Zeljak uses various relationships: siblings, parent and child, and even best friends. Upon closer inspection, we realize small differences like eye colour, a thinner lip, and older skin that makes each individual unique. Most interesting are the portraits of mother or father and child. To see what age does and youth defies is incredibly fascinating and in some ways, reveals a more intimate look at relationships and time.


Metamorfoza 1

Metamorfoza 2

Metamorfoza 3

Metamorfoza 4

Metamorfoza 5

Metamorfoza 6

Metamorfoza 7

Metamorfoza 9

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