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Exploring The Interplay Between Human, Machine And Technology

What it means to be human is an omnipresent question of our time and there is a gallery by the name of Hatch Art Gallery which embodies enough edge to explore this climatic relationship. Exhibiting Young Regional and Singaporean Artists, who deconstruct and demonstrate their perception of a post-human world using clever mediums and exquisite thought.

Jan 10, 2019 | By Anastazia Prahin

Artist: NPAAW; Title: Beyond; Dimensions: 100 x 80cm; Acrylic on canvas; 2018


In a world where technology is severely integrated into our daily lives, to a degree now that we’re finding ourselves interfacing with technology more so than we are finding ourselves drinking enough water. What it means to be human is the question of our time and there is a gallery by the name of Hatch Art Gallery embodying enough edge to explore this climatic relationship.


What It Means To Be Human


Artist: Seungpyo Hong; Title: Heart; Dimensions: 60 x 88.7 cm; Colour on etched brass plate; 2016


Director Sue Oh voices an opinion on how unquestionably pivotal our relationship is with technology.

“Perhaps, it is inevitable that to be human is to weave technology into our existence… the wheel extends the feet”, while, “the computer extends the brains’ ability to process information”.

Deconstructed and analysed by young Singaporean and Regional Artists, this upcoming exhibition is a seemingly futuristic, yet a completely and utterly relevant and current exploration of how technology extends the “human physical system”.


Artist: Abshar Platisza; Title: Composed Pulse, Scripted Beat; Dimensions: 270cm x 110cm; Charcoal on canvas, electronics, microcontroller, silicone rubber; 2016.


A younger fresh generation which feels the integration of technology the most. A populace never knowing a world where technology was a maybe rather than a must. These talented young artists present works ranging from digital prints on aluminium, to installations comprising computing parts, to vividly coloured paintings of chimera-like figures.


Artist: Naufal Abshar; Title: Anti Human 2020_2065; Dimensions: 150 x 150 cm; Oil on canvas; 2018


We are invited and welcomed to discover the exhibition, More Than Human World: A Wake-Up Call From Post-human at Hatch Gallery.


Artist: Urich Lau; Title: Dreamscape: Victoria Harbour Hong Kong; Dimensions: 76 x 101cm; Digital Photo on Aluminium; 2018.


Walking out this new contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District and Marina Bay, you are presented an idyllic place to take a drink and a bite to eat to discuss and speak about the marvellous exhibition you just walked through. The divine décor of velvet lounges and chairs is reminiscent of the infamous flamingo lounge, making it the perfect place to try and clarify the murky boundaries between humans, machines, and nature beyond humanity, with your company.


Exhibition is part of Singapore Art Week (19 – 27 January 2019)

Hatch Art Project located at, Asia Square Tower 1, 8 Marina View #01-02, 018960.

Participating Artists; Naufal Abshar (b. 1993, Indonesia); Aditya Chandra (b. 1986, Indonesia); Niño M Cubacub (b.1994, Philippines); Seungpyo Hong (b.1980, Korea); Urich Lau (b. 1975, Singapore); Tristan Lim (b. 1993, Singapore); Leeroy New (b. 1986, Philippines); Ngakan Putu Agus Arta Wijaya (NPAAW) (b.1990, Indonesia)


Artist: Aditya Chandra; Title: The Organic Machine (Disorder Series); Dimensions: 70 x 90cm; Pencil acrylic on canvas; 2018.

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