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Insider: 9 Unseen Photographs

Nine renowned local and Singapore-based photographers hand-pick works that only their eyes have glimpsed – and now yours have, too.

Apr 20, 2016 | By Staff Writer

This is the first time, that these nine photographers have given us a glimpse of their work that few have laid eyes upon. They share their insights and the inspiration behind the photographs. Join us as we venture into the world of 9 Unseen.


“This photograph was taken during a period of extreme existential turmoil. But then I saw the five-pointed star – associated in many religious and cultural traditions with the divine – which was formed by the overlapping bamboo stalks above the meditating monk. It was a sign that I was not alone and that I was going to be out of the woods.” — Melissa Teo


“That sense of danger, a seductive femme fatale character, an atmosphere charged with sexual motivations – all the elements that help to create the film-noir-like quality of this image that we love.” — Chuando & Frey

©G.T.GAN for L'Officiel Singapore

“This picture was unpublished probably because it was too provocative and showed too much skin. It’s an abstract depiction of sex – which is a natural act, a part of daily life. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” — Gan


“Why should there be labels to define our gender or whom we choose to love? There should only be two labels: humans and non-humans. Love to humankind!” — Cher Him

Katya-lofficiel-singapore by Geoff Ang

“This is a love letter to my beautiful wife Katya – to celebrate the fact that she is the first person I wake up to and the last one I see before I sleep. Nothing but her beauty emanates so radiantly in the morning and embraces me gently into the night.” — Geoff Ang


“I chose this image not necessarily because it means something, but because it exudes an attitude and vitality that is appealing to me.” — Mark Law

Biyan_Book_lofficiel-singapore by Stefano Khoo

“This is my favourite shot of Indonesian-Norwegian model Hege Wollan from the most memorable shoot I’ve ever done. It was for Indonesian fashion designer Biyan Wanaatmadja’s book Biyan, and I got to work with legendary art director, Marc Ascoli.” —Stefan Khoo


“This was one of the first images I shot when I picked up fashion photography in 2001. It was shot with a repaired Hasselblad camera I inherited from my grandfather. The way the image was taken at that time  – its naiveté – set the tone for my take on photography in the years to come.” —Ivanho Harlim


“This portrait was taken in 2012 for a story on Madonna in L’Officiel Singapore. The shot wasn’t selected in the end – perhaps due to its sexual connotations – but I like it a lot.” —Wee Khim

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This story first appeared in L’Officiel Singapore.


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