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Sparky Campanella juxtaposes nature with the man-made

Nov 08, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Inspired by his natural surroundings, LA-based photographer Sparky Campanella has shot a photography series mimicking its elements through unnatural structure.  This incredible series, titled “Horizon”, blends the artificial with the organic, using man-made structures to divide natural landscapes in each image. Campanella uses a 4×5 view camera to capture extreme horizons of his landscapes. 

“I believe that man and nature can co-exist. ‘horizon’ manifests my belief through the urban horizon line, a point of reference common to all city dwellers. The horizon line in nature is defined by the organic complexity of trees, mountains or a body of water. Our urban horizon is bounded by the geometric achievement of buildings, rooftops, walls and even passing trucks. My love of both city and country draws me to scenes where man-made and natural complement one another. That relationship is especially apparent when urban banal becomes extraordinary.” 

Check out Sparky Campanella’s Website for more.  


Horizon 1

Horizon 2

Horizon 3

Horizon 4

Horizon 5

Horizon 6


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