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Foldable Wood

Harry Roseman sculptures rethink the physical characteristics of Plywood

Nov 09, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Using plywood, artist Harry Roseman skillfully cuts and places the material in a way that creates the illusion that the wood is foldable. By strategically placing the cut plywood, he makes the rigid material appear seemingly light like a piece of cloth. He uses a single piece of plywood and mismatches its grains to break up the visual monotony of the wood, creating the appearance that there is a back and front of the “foldable” wood. This notion of rethinking the properties of his chosen materials is what the artist tries to explore in the rest of his works. 

Roseman explains: ” The subjects of my work are the bend of a curve, the conjunction of edges, the turn of a fold, the weight and nature of objects, the conjunction of idea and object, the way an idea sits in an object and next to an object and the way surface can obscure and also reveal. One of my aims is to close the distance between thinking, looking and making, to the point where it is hard to tell the difference.” 

More photos of his “folded’ and “draped” plywood can be found on his Website here.  

Foldable Wood

Foldable Wood 1

Foldable Wood 2

Foldable Wood 3

Foldable Wood 4

Foldable Wood 5

Foldable Wood 6

Foldable Wood 7

Foldable Wood 8


via Beautiful Decay

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