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Charise Isis photographs the strength and beauty of breast cancer survivors

Apr 26, 2014 | By Staff Writer

These stunning photos from the series ‘Grace’ by Charise Isis reveal the strength, courage and beauty of breast cancer survivors. By photographing women who have undergone mastectomy surgery to overcome cancer as masterpieces of art history, she brings admiration and respect to their struggle, strength and the ‘grace of their humanity’. She describes her inspiration for the project on her website saying ’In photographing the project, I loosely use Hellenic sculpture as a visual reference for the portraits, taking inspiration from such artifacts as the “Venus De Milo” and “Nike of Samathrace”.  These dismembered artifacts have survived the trauma of history and are still valued as objects of beauty within our culture.”


Grace 2

Grace 3

Grace 4

Grace 5

Grace 6

Grace 7

Find out more about the Grace Project here!

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