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Giga Origami

New massive origami art installation by Sipho Mabona

Jul 23, 2014 | By Staff Writer

We all remember the life-sized elephant folded from one sheet of paper that was trending on various social networking sites. The South African origami artist Sipho Mabona continues to impress us with his epic origami folding skills in his newest art installation Giga Origami. Mabona folded a flock of giant-sized white birds that were hung from the ceiling of the great hall in Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. Each individual bird was carefully folded from large sheets of square paper measuring 2.7m to 5.4 m in size, giving each bird a wingspan of 2m to 4m. This flock of large, pre-historic like birds soaring above is a truly marvelous sight for the visitors at the museum. In fact, the installation is also interactive and visitors are encouraged to fold their own paper birds to add on to the growing flock. 

Giga Origami 2

Giga Origami 3

Giga Origami 4

Giga Origami 5

Giga Origami 6


Check out Sipho Mabono’s Website here

Images courtesy of Artist via designboom

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