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Freerunner by Pip

Freerunner Tim Shieff and photographer Pip collaborate on a project that challenges our physical capabilities

Mar 17, 2014 | By Staff Writer

London-based photographer Pip collaborated with the champion feerunner Tim Shieff in a part-photography-part-installation project that pushes the body’s limit. This project, titled freerunner, is a documentation of Shieff venturing London architecture; balancing on ledges, hanging sigle-handed on walls and scaling down the sides of buildings. Pip’s purpose was firstly to create a series that was different from conventional sports photography. Most significantly, the creators’ intention was to showcase the amazing physical capabilities of the human body. Shieff’s strong, defined body blends in with the physical landscape he is photographed in . Like the grounded and massive architecture surrounding him, he stays firm yet elegant. Pip cleverly uses dramatic lighting and shadows to illuminate the curves of Shieff’s body, which is likened to the lines of the buildings. “What I try to do is put a bit more sparkle in this concrete environment,” says Shieff, “It is a meditation for me, it puts better perspective on life, what really matters.” Both Pip and shieff also invite viewers to observe single, static moments within the process of Shieff’s freerunning, allowing them to reflect upon the potential of the human body.  

Freerunner By Pip 3

Freerunner By Pip

Freerunner By Pip 1

Freerunner By Pip 2

Freerunner By Pip 4

Freerunner By Pip 5

Freerunner By Pip 6


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Images from Trendland

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