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Eye Heart Spleen

A photography collection displaying human organs made from foraged plants.

Jun 06, 2014 | By Staff Writer

When we think of human organs, we usually think up unpleasant images like blood and gore. Maybe Camila Carlow will change your mind. Her photography series Eye Heart Spleen is a series of photographs representing human organs constructed from plants and flowers. Camila Carlow is a Guatemalan-born artist based in Bristol, England, who works in a range of mediums from photography and painting as well as cinematography for video production. Explaining on her website why she chose to portray organs in this light, she explains:

“The most fascinating and intricate of biological structures, yet we rarely pay heed to the organs inside our body. Regardless of whether we fill ourselves with toxins or nourishing food, whether we exercise or not – our organs sustain us, working away effortlessly and unnoticed.

 In a similar way, plants flourishing in the urban environment are a testament to nature’s indifference to our goings on. They grow out of the sides of buildings, in brick walls and between the cracks in concrete, despite of the traffic and pollution.”

The prints from Eye Heart Spleen are available for sale at her Etsy shop.

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Follow updates on Camila Carlow’s works here!

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