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Paintings by Anca Gray

Apr 17, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Anca Gray creates these elegant paintings out of thousands of tiny egg shell pieces. Using these broken egg shells of uneven sizes, she pieces together the shells to form one elegant collage of various textures. She also paints the shells with layers of acrylic paint to give it a polished finish. In some works, she incorporates teas, coffee, tissue paper and tea filters to create dark shades and shadows in her paintings, giving them more depth and dimension within the seemingly plain white slate. The artist, who is based in Chicago, states : “As I explore the life and history contained in these discarded kitchen scraps, and other bits of found objects, I allow their stories to work on my own biases of brokenness and wholeness, of vulnerability, of being and becoming. my work is a relentless search for poetry in the debris, an affirmation of life and possibility.”

Her paintings can also be found on sale at Etsy. Visit Anca Gray’s tumblr to see more of her works.




Eggshells 1

Eggshells 2

Eggshells 3

Eggshells 4

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