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Destroyed Houses

Artist Marjan Teeuwen uses debris from old buildings to construct multilayered installations

Aug 28, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen has created an extraordinary installation using the debris from old abandoned buildings. Using a collection of scraps and fragments from abandoned and demolished houses, she transforms them into large sculptural works by meticulously layering them. This installation, titled Destroyed Houses, is filled with carefully stacked home tiles and rocks from the demolition but also scraps of home furniture and books left behind. Hence, she infuses the element of home and the origins of her medium. Teeuwen also skilfully groups together similar colors and uses holes in the floors and ceilings to add to her designs. Though her artwork might appear somewhat chaotic it also resonates a sense of tranquility, highlighting Teeuwen’s ability to turn destruction and neglect into something beautiful.


Destroyed Houses

Destroyed Houses 1

Destroyed Houses 3

Destroyed Houses 4

Destroyed Houses 5

Destroyed Houses 6

Destroyed Houses 7

Visit Marjan Teeuwen’s website here

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