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Chocolates by UNELEFANTE

UNELEFANTE releases a line of chocolates with bursts of colour and fun

May 08, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Tatiana Sanchez, founder and creative director of UNELEFANTE has built a name on gifts that burst with colour. First balloons, and now chocolates. Following the influx of cheaply made imitation products from Asia which made selling true hand-crafted pieces difficult, communities of design activists formed to celebrate and preserve hand-crafted trades in Mexico. Among these is La Lonja Mercantil, an independent design market that helped Sanchez to create UNELEFANTE. UNELEFANTE released a chocolate line in collaboration with the best chocolatiers in Mexico, Chef Jorge Llanderal and his family. The chocolates are a burst of colour and fun, painstakingly painted with chocolate cocoa butter in various eye-catching colours. Sanchez says “These creations have the ability to generate an unforgettable experience and really make people smile.”

Chocolates By Unelefante

Chocolates By Unelefante 2

Chocolates By Unelefante 3


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