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Cheap Camera Challenge

Lara Jade captures high fashion photographs using a 0.3 megapixel camera

Jan 10, 2015 | By Staff Writer

DigitalRev TV held a competition called the Cheap Camera Challenge where photographers were tasked with shooting high fashion photographs on the streets of Hong Kong using an Anpanman Camera, a children’s toy that takes with 0.3 megapixel. Despite the “low quality” of these cameras, renowned Fashion photographer Lara Jade took up the challenge, yielding these incredible photographs. 

Besides her cheap tools, Jade also worked against a time constraint. The New York-based artist was only in Hong Kong during a six-hour layover and needed to capture at least six different photos with three different looks. Her photos turned out well composed, featuring a gorgeous model in haute couture fashion on the streets. The grainy quality gives the photographs a surreal and dream-like effect,  

The results from the challenge might be what you’d expect. Jade’s images are well composed and the model looks gorgeous, but without more megapixels, the quality is grainy. Instead, the distorted aspect gives them an almost surreal, dreamlike feeling. The blur, yet vivid, colours in the pictures also give her overall compositions a vintage feel that you cannot get from shooting with a high resolution camera. See more of Lara Jade’s photography here


 Cheap Camera Challenge

Cheap Camera Challenge 1

Cheap Camera Challenge 2

Cheap Camera Challenge 3

Cheap Camera Challenge 4


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