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App shows you what 200 calories “looks” like

Dec 27, 2014 | By Staff Writer

‘Tis the season to be eating. From that delectable Christmas turkey to that oh so sinful chocolate log cake. And lets not forget the wines and champagne toasting. On Christmas day, the average person is set to consumer somewhere around 6,000 calories.   

The calorific app (compatible with iphones and ipads) will its user how much a 200-colorie portion of your favorite festive dish looks like. These images give you a clear visual depiction of exactly how much you are consuming. This app also shows you how much calories a bite-sized amount of other day-to-day meals “look” like, possibly changing the users perceptives of their eating habits (especially during festive seasons). 


Calorific 21

Calorific 22

Calorific 23

Calorific 24

Calorific 25

Calorific 26

Calorific 27

Calorific 28

Calorific 29

Calorific 30

Calorific 31

Calorific 32


via designboom

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