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Bodi Collections Stages A Display of its Micromosaic Artworks with Cycle & Carriage

Each of the artwork comprises an average of 36,0000 glass tiles per square metre and together forms an image.

Sep 27, 2022 | By Joseph Low

Art takes various forms and mediums. For many of us, we are most acquainted with the usual oil on canvas or ink on paper. At Bodi Collections, the design studio specialises in micro mosaic artworks made from glass tiles expertly crafted using patented technology. In a milestone collaboration with Cycle & Carriage, a selection of pieces are on display at the Mercedes Benz Centre Singapore from now to 31 October 2022.

Each artwork features an average of 36,000 glass tiles per square metre and they have been diamond-cut to a size ranging from 3mm to 7mm and 1mm in thickness. While the individual pieces were machine treated, the artworks are all hand-finished for ultimate refinement. Not resembling traditional mosaic tiles that are geometrically congruent, those on display are modern masterpieces that are rich with breathtaking details, colours and artistry. 

When viewed afar, the tiny pixels coalesce to form an image. This can be a pair of red fish to a peony, and they no doubt help to enliven any living space. When paired with cars from Mercedes-Benz as a backdrop, it brings an air of sophistication and showcases the precision of each craft — car marking and the micro mosaic artworks.

Bodi Collection was established in 2001 and started off as a soft furnishing company. After building its own pool of clients for commercial, hospitality and residential projects, the studio began launching exclusive collections and mosaic artworks are an extension of this expansion. Working with artists from all over the world, the studio has amassed a catalogue of artworks that can be bought at the boutique. The diversification allows it to be one of the studios that offer unique pieces not typically seen in Singapore.

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