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Ruper Shrive crumples his paintings into sculptures

Apr 19, 2015 | By Staff Writer

While artists strive to perfect their masterpieces, Rupert Shrive’s finishing touches involve crumpling, twisting and crushing his finished masterpieces into architecturally evocative sculptures. After painting portraits of people, mostly women, he crumples them into shapes that deform their faces. In some, he also incorporates old materials into the sculpture, adding more features to the faces. His crumpled paintings suggest a sense of urgency and movement. The disorientation of the features are disturbing, making the viewers imagine the possible backstorries of these misfortunately deformed women. Shrive comments about his process of creating his works : “… It is painful and I’m always very scared when I start crushing them and it’s very risky because you only have so many movements you can make before you’ve lost the big dynamic crush that you’re going for.” Learn more about Rupert Shrive’s work here.

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