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Beyond the Skin

Albino model Shaun Ross features in Jonas Åkerlund’s final film for his #DefineBeauty series on NOWNESS

Mar 16, 2015 | By Staff Writer


Renowned Albino Model Shaun Ross stars in Swedish Director Jonas Åkerlund’s latest short film in his #DefineBeauty series. In this mesmerizing and evocative short film, the filmmaker follows Ross, who is also african-american by ethnicity, around the back streets and freeways of LA. Elements of Beyond the Skin were shot by Ross himself with a camera provided by the director, capturing the intimate reflections of the model, and his reactions to his naysayers.

“Hollywood is so good at only seeing what’s on the outside, and using that first impression instead of going deeper,” says the swedish filmmaker who is also known for his music videos that span over 25 years—from Madonna to Beyonce, Iggy Pop to U2. “I think Shaun has spent all his life with those reactions. Look again and you see that this guy is really beautiful.” 

The model’s albino cat was also given a supporting role in the film. “She’s also albino so I thought they might have a connection,” says Åkerlund. “They actually did. She wouldn’t stop sitting on his head.” 



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