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Artist Kavita Batra Showcases “Queen of Sheba”

The artist brings her memories and love for nature together for a new solo exhibition in Singapore.

Aug 14, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

[Update: On top of the exhibition, an artist talk by Kavita Issar Batra herself will be held on August 14, 11am, at Intersections gallery. Listen to her inspiration behind her creative processes, the techniques utilized behind her monotypes, among others.]

Following up on her successful debut solo show “Of Time, the Elements and their Essence”, Kavita Issar Batra brings us another show called “Queen of Sheba: Singapore Sidewalk”. From June 30, the artist will be bringing together photographs, monotypes and canvas paintings that showcase her interpretation of the Singapore sidewalk.

The name of the exhibition stems from Batra’s interpretation of the legendary figure and how it related to her childhood memories of her time with nature – having played games such as collecting pebbles, flowers, leaves and other floral treasures that she found as she enjoyed long walks with her mother.

Monotype, Framed; Kativa Issat Batra. Intersections Gallery

Monotype, Framed; Kativa Issat Batra. Intersections Gallery

Batra, an Indo-British artist living in Singapore for more than seven years, has been revisiting these memories since 2012 in the urban neighborhood of Singapore, where she collects and composes montages that she then shares on Facebook. While most of her montages are photos that she has taken on the spot, there are others that she creates by combining various textures, forms and colors.

Each of her paintings highlight her mood and emotions that changed during each walk. Her aim with the exhibition is to invite visitors to join her on a treasure hunt that embodies the journey of life. “The bits of bark, leaves, twigs, roots, shoots and flowers I am drawn to on the sidewalks are talismans of hope,” said the artist. She added, “They mirror color, patterns and textures seen in the wider macrocosm and provide inspiration for all our inventions.”

Kavita Issar Batra: Giclee Print Dance with me: Queen of Sheba

Kavita Issar Batra: Giclee Print Dance with me: Queen of Sheba

Held at the Intersections Gallery in Kampong Glam, the exhibition is set in a location that has a strong link to Arab heritage — another link to the exhibition’s namesake.


The “Queen of Sheba: Singapore Sidewalk” by Kavita Issar Batra runs from June 30 to August 28 at Intersections Gallery. For more information, click here.

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