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All I Own House

PKMN Architectures design an innovative solution to living in smaller spaces

Nov 16, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Here’s a solution to the lack of living space! Madrid based architecture firm PKMN Architectures have come up with the All I Own House idea to solve the lack of housing and living spaces. The idea involves a movable shelving system installed in the home to configure a studio apartment into different rooms. The system is anchored to the ceiling and is shifted around the house to create borders between rooms when privacy is needed. In addition to being room movable room dividers, the shelves can also be used to store items so to maximize the limited space in a house. This innovative way of living within smaller spaces allows people to, as the designers say, enjoy “infinite homes within a house.” Visit the PKMN Architectures Website to see more designs. 







See Video of the design on Vimeo 

via my modern met

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