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A Masterwork by Emperor Qianlong’s Favourite Painter to Auction Off

Painted by Emperor Qianlong’s favourite subject, this masterpiece depicting Ten Auspicious Landscapes of Taishan is a highlight of Sotheby’s upcoming sales in Hong Kong. Find out more…

Apr 02, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

Image courtesy of Sotheby’s

A Rediscovered Imperial Heirloom

Kept in the Forbidden City for generations until it reached the last emperor, now this highly important handscroll, said to be the greatest masterpiece created by the renowned Imperial Court painter Qian Weicheng, has gained prominence once more after a hundred years.

According to history, Qian Weicheng was the highest-ranking candidate in the official examinations, and also a favourite painter of the Qianlong Emperor, who was always selected to accompany him on the official inspection tours.

With the imperial heirloom rediscovered – the present scroll – was originally kept in the Ningshou Gong of the Forbidden City, was given by the last Emperor Puyi to his younger brother Pujie in the early 1920s.

A Masterwork by Emperor Qianlong’s Favourite Painter to Auction Off

Created by Qian Weicheng between 1720-1772, this handscroll on auction depicts ten auspicious landscapes of Taishan bears the impression of the imperial seal and has also been inscribed with poems written by the Qianlong Emperor.

This scroll, complete with ink and colour on paper and measuring 33.7 cm by 458 cm, is now going on auction at Sotheby’s for approximately SGD 8.5 million to SGD 11.8 million.

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