Luxury yachting events in Hong Kong: ASIAMARINE unveiled the Galeon 500 Fly with invited guests

Galeon unveils its spectacular new unit in the Pearl of the Orient with the help of ASIAMARINE

Mar 21, 2017 | By Teri Chong

March 17 to 18 marked the highly anticipated viewing of the first widely acclaimed Galeon 500 Fly unit to arrive in Hong Kong.

Selected guests of ASIAMARINE showed great interest in the highly innovative and customisable 500 Fly, which boasted an expansive interior space on all of its three decks. No matter which option is chosen, one will be able to take full advantage of the yacht’s unique beach mode feature that extends the width of the cockpit to almost 5.8m.

A breeze greeted entertained guests as they savoured the 500 Fly’s ideal boating experience, touring its outdoor bar, bright relaxing saloon, and viewing the three cabins that cater up to six people on board.

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