Enjoy an ‘Ultimate Lifestyle’ With a Superb Yacht Management Team

NextWave has expanded its yacht-management services to include Ultimate Lifestyle, a luxury-hotel level of service matching the high standards owners expect in other aspects of their life.

Jun 29, 2021 | By Joseph Low

As some companies find when creating a yacht-management department, there’s often an underlying belief from some owners that a captain and boat boy can “do the job”. Indeed, regular cleaning and upkeep such as maintenance and basic mechanical check-ups have long been the standard request to yacht-management companies.

Unfortunately, many yacht owners come to believe this is the norm and the only level of service that can be provided in Hong Kong. However, this can result in a low-level experience when owners are onboard their yacht, one that’s different to their day-to-day lifestyle whether they’re at home, the office or in high-end dining venues.

From our perspective at NextWave, an owner’s lifestyle on their yacht should be no different to life in their opulent residence or when they’re on holiday in a luxury resort. Their lifestyle standards should not drop when they go to sea in their own multi-million-dollar yacht. You can upgrade your boat with marine refrigerators and premium-quality fittings from Boat Outfitters and create an exclusive experience on the water.

Yacht owners’ lifestyles can be maintained from their home or office to their yacht, ensuring they enjoy life aboard to the full. At NextWave, we pride ourselves on being able to provide yacht owners with a continuation of their day-to-day standards by delivering a superior level of care throughout their use of the yacht, offering professional services and experiences while they’re onboard.

For example, when you stay in a six-star luxury hotel, you would be treated to the best hospitality by professionals. You would dine in a Michelin-star restaurant, be presented with luxurious tableware and silver cutlery, experience fresh food made by the best chefs and enjoy service by professionally trained service staff.

Fine wine would be recommended and decanted into refined crystal glasses by an in-house sommelier. Satisfying desserts provided by the patisserie and quality coffee by an experience barista would follow your meal. Meanwhile, your room would have been carefully prepared by meticulous housekeepers. So, why would you settle for an inferior quality of services when aboard your yacht?

After realising there’s no need to settle for less, many owners request the same standards or an even higher level of luxury on their yacht, and you can too. All such services and more are now available via the professionals within the NextWave Ultimate Lifestyle service offered by our yacht management team.

This realisation is completely changing the mindset of current yacht owners in Hong Kong. NextWave is going above and beyond to help yacht owners see that their life onboard has no limits. The luxuries available in life are also available at sea for the owners, their family, their friends and their special guests, ensuring unforgettable experiences on every trip.

With the trend of yacht owners moving up to larger superyachts, we have already been inundated with a growing demand for the higher standards offered by our Ultimate Lifestyle option. In addition to our crew training in maintenance, service and seamanship, our yacht-management managers and crew attend professional courses on hospitality, bartending and wine-pairing.

With experience of yachting around the world, we deem such services to be normal and crucial to yacht ownership. We understand some yacht owners may be new to this and a little reluctant to commit at first, so we’re offering a free trial day for selected customers and superyacht owners.

Once experiencing the difference you can enjoy onboard, we have no doubt this will become the norm for you and your guests, being the envy of all your friends. Walk onboard to expertly chosen scents and fresh bouquets of flowers straight from the florists. Be greeted by your personal service staff trained in fine dining, serving your favourite dishes. Enjoy a cocktail by your private bartender, while you relax and admire the beauty of your pristine yacht with attention to detail provided throughout.

Our professional Ultimate Lifestyle team is ready to cater to your preferred preferences. Whether you use your boat every day or just want to create a special day or stayover weekend, we have packages available.


Chau is a co-founder and Managing Director of NextWave Yachting, a dealership formed in 2012 by a group of friends in Hong Kong who turned their love of life on the water into a business. As well as being a dealer for the likes of Sunseeker, Sealine, Fjord, Chris-Craft, Vanquish and Heyday, NextWave has strong brokerage and yacht-management divisions, which both had their best year in 2020. The company also has a charter division and represents water-toy brands like JetSurf, Lift Foils, Seabob, Aquaglide, Yachtbeach, Belassi, JetXTender, Oxoon and Scubajet.

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