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Top 10 Restaurants to Try in Hong Kong

As we begin planning for the start of the Singapore-Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble, we look at 10 restaurants to check out in the vertical city.

Apr 30, 2021 | By Abram Yum
Image Credit: Courtesy of Asian Inspirations

On 26 April, Singapore and Hong Kong announced that their Air Travel Bubble (ATB) would be launched on 26 May 2021, sparking an outpouring of joy from citizens starved for travel and exploration. Despite the stricter restrictions put in place, many are raring to finally venture out beyond their borders, explore new places and enjoy great local food. In that regard, Hong Kong has much to offer. One of the world’s most diverse restaurant capitals, Hong Kong’s many establishments offer a wide variety of food ranging from classic dishes to ground-breaking culinary innovations. As you begin planning your ATB itinerary, here are 10 restaurants, in Hong Kong, listed in no particular order, that every foodie should check out when in town.

Man Wah

Located on the 25th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, this is one of Hong Kong’s greatest fine-dining restaurants, and a must-visit destination for anyone who loves the (literal) high life. Man Wah attained its Michelin star with its contemporary interpretation of classic Cantonese dishes, packed with flavour and unpretentious refinement. Favourites here include the sautéed lobster, which is cooked in superior fish broth, creating a dish bursting with umami.

Sushi Zo

Image Credit: Courtesy of Lifestyle Asia

Given the how well-informed Hong Kongers are about sushi, it only makes sense that we include a restaurant serving the Japanese delicacy on this list. Sushi Zo is an omakase restaurant hidden in a discreet corner of Tai Kwan. The Michelin-starred restaurant hosts just two sittings of 12 guests every evening, serving up an 18-dish meal using the freshest ingredients air flown from Japan every day. Chef Fumio Azumi expertly prepares and presents each dish when it is at its prime, building his 18-item symphony.

The Chairman

Image Credit: Courtesy of Accidental Epicurean

The Chairman was named Asia’s best restaurant in 2021 by Asia’s 50 Best, and also attained its first Michelin Star just this year. Foodies have been flocking to the Cantonese restaurant since it first opened more than 10 years ago for their delectable dishes, crafted the best seasonal ingredients that nature has to offer. Many swear by the steamed whole flower crab, seasoned in aged Shaoxing wine and chicken oil for rich aroma and flavour.


Within the Four Seasons Hong Kong sits a magnificent restaurant, adorned with crystal chandeliers and serving the best haute French cuisine in the city. Executive chef Guillaume Galliot masterfully cooks up a mouth-watering array of contemporary French creations using some of the greatest Asian ingredients available. Favourites here include the Hokkaido uni with mango and pan-seared scampi, Alaskan king crab laksa, and their renowned artisanal cheese board.

Guo Fu Lou

Image Credit: Courtesy Guo Fu Lou/Michael Weber

A favourite amongst many Hong Kong celebrities, Guo Fu Lou recently moved into its new premises at The Murray, serving up a menu of Cantonese fare created by chef Fook Lam Moon. Some of the most loved dishes in this one Michelin star establishment are the steamed lobster with egg white and Jasmine tea-smoked chicken.


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Helmed by chef Eric Räty, the forest-themed restaurant delivers unique Nordic-Japanese creations inspired by the changing seasons. Ingredients of the highest quality are sourced from all across the globe and turned into such dishes as the roasted Brittany pigeon, covered in special Okinawan sugar, and their signature brioche served with mentaiko and kombu infused butter.

Tate Dining Room

Image Credit: Courtesy of Tate Dining Room

Famous for its experimental interpretation of Chinese cuisine, the restaurant, located in Sheung Wan, boasts has an inviting ambience that attracts food lovers from all walks of life. Chef Vicky Tate’s “Odes” highlight a single ingredient which is used in all dishes across their tasting menu. Their current Ode to Earth pays homage to Zen-inspired vegetarianism and uses ingredients such as white asparagus, spring bamboo shoots and greens from local farms.


Unbeknownst to many, Hong Kong has a fairly large Indian population numbering around 38000 people. It is thus little surprise that Indian cuisine is gaining popularity in Hong Kong. Run by chef Manav Tuli, Chaat takes classic Indian street food and takes it to another level. Notable dishes include their classic lamb biryani and pork vindaloo which are nicely finished off with their warmly spiced golden chai masala.


Image Credit: Courtesy of Henry

This one is for our readers who love meat. Chef Nathan Green drew from his experiences growing up in the English countryside and American traditions to create a veritable smorgasbord of meat dishes. Featuring woodfire oven, charcoal grills, and even an in-house butcher, you just know that the dishes here will “meat” your expectations. Apart from a wide selection of steaks, Henry also serves an impressive cornbread soufflé with ice cream, bacon bits, and bourbon caramel for a delectable salty-sweet finish.

Hansik Goo

This Korean restaurant is run by the culinary genius behind Seoul’s two-Michlin-starred Mingles, chef Mingoo Kang. Its name is a play on words referring to a family that shares meals together as well as the chef’s name. The menu revolves around novel takes on Korean classics made using ingredients sourced directly from Korea. Their eight-course menu features favourites such as bugak inspired by temple cuisine, samgye risotto, and barbecued meats.

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