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SoelCat 12 Solar-electric Yacht

Designed by architect Joep Koster in partnership with Czap, the solar-powered Soel Yacht SoelCat 12 can be used for snorkelling, diving and expeditions on the ocean.

Apr 20, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

SoelCat 12 Solar-electric Yacht

Designed in partnership with Naval DC, Soel Yachts has more than 12 years of experience in traversing the ocean with the solar electric vessels powered entirely by solar. Since 2010, Okeanos has constructed 12 open oceans solar electric and hybrid sailing catamarans, which are now used in eight Pacific island nations.

With a mission to support climate change and its effect, the first SoelCat 12, called “Okeanos Pearl” was rolled out from the production facility, joining a network of fossil fuel-free vessels in the Pacific and set an example for sustainable sea transportation, in which the environment they operate.

The latest model of the solar electric catamaran SoelCat 12 can save up to 142 tons of CO2 per year than the traditional propelled vessel with a fuel consumption of 200-litre-per-day. And when it’s not in use for electric sailing, expect to save on the power bill (reduced by the vessel’s 8.6kWp solar array).

The SoelCat 12 yacht is fully customisable. The deck space features a spacious layout and it can host a variety of seating arrangement. Yacht owner can choose from classic yacht fittings to complete what would form a luxurious and comfortable interior or turn a simple and plain deck into a practical and economical deck wear for water taxi services, eco-tourism and water-bound resorts.

Large spaces on the solar electric catamaran SoelCat 12 can be transformed into a fully equipped bar with matching lounge furniture to host parties and gatherings for private owners and guests.

A Return On Investment — Even Moored At The Dock

Even docked at the marina, the vessels do not require any fuel other than sunlight, thus saving a great deal of fuel energy. Another advantage of the solar electric catamaran highlights the solar device that eliminates noise, smell and fuel costs, allowing a smoother operation without causing disruption to the ocean marine life.

Whether in remote areas of the world or providing all the required energy needed for operation throughout day and night or in low sunlight conditions, the battery systems are designed to handle these specific situations. Shore power charging is also available.

Visit Soel Yachts for more information and find out about the solar electric catamaran.

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