Hermès to hold “Hors les Murs” Exhibition in Lyons

Hermès annual craftsmanship showcase, “Hermès Hors les Murs” is set to open in June in the Palais de la Bourse in Lyon. Look forward to beautiful displays showcasing their signature craft and artisan workshops.

Apr 20, 2018 | By Shirley Wang

This June, Hermès will be visiting the city of Lyon, France to showcase its master craftsmen’s skills and promote its artisanship to a wider public. The “Hors les Murs” Exhibition will last a month before setting off for in Moscow in September.

Hermès at work, Nagoya, October 2017

Skilled workers from Hermès’ various departments will demonstrate their crafts, which include making saddles, handbags, silk scarves, ties, watches and jewelry. The show will take place in the city’s Palais de Bourse.

“Hermès Hors les murs”, Vancouver, September 2016

Known for its historic role in the country’s silk industry, Lyon is the perfect venue for the annual “Hors les Murs” Exhibition. Having opened a workshop earlier in April near the Swiss border, Hermès currently has 3,3100 leather goods makers across 16 sites in France. and four sites in the Rhone-Alpes region. The company’s textile business, near Lyon, employs 455 craftsmen.


Hermès at work, Nagoya, October 2017

With ten dedicated display, each dedicated to one of Hermès’s signature crafts, allowing general public to witness the craftsmen “transform their materials to produce handbags, saddles, scarves, ties, jewellery and watches”.

The talented artisan will showcase their expertise, answer the bugging queries on their craft, and offer their own thoughts on the extraordinary techniques behind Hermès renowned craftsmanship.

Hermès at work, Nagoya, October 2017

Besides the ten modules, the event will feature the screening of a 360º immersive film demonstrating the skills of the master glass-makers and sculptors of the Saint-Louis crystal works, bought by Hermès in 1989.

“Dietro Le Quinte”, Milan, May 2017

Hermès will be host engaging round-tables talks and workshops at the “Hors les Murs” Exhibition, for visitors to gain a deeper understanding and sentiment towards the term “artisan” and the heart behind such hallmark.

“Hermès at work”, Tokyo, Omotesando Hills, March 2017

Visitors can also look forward to a bistro serving food to enjoy this festive event.

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