Car wash at your doorstep

Just like how restaurant-quality food can now be delivered to your doorstep, so can quality car detailing with MobileWash

Jun 03, 2019 | By Leon Ngiam

From the toughest Jeeps to the delicate Porsches, users can expect a team of dedicated car detailers from MobileWash to make it sparkle.

Car Detailing at your doorstep

The thought of driving to the car wash is sometimes off-putting. Imagine fighting through the packed roads of Southern California, then queuing and waiting awkwardly in the garage until your car is done. While it may marginally cheaper in some cases, it is not the most time-efficient option. Cutting out the humdrum and inefficiencies of traditional car detailing in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Florida, MobileWash is a one-stop app providing on-demand (you may also choose the “Wash Later” option) car detailing, promising convenience, affordability, and reliability.

MobileWash is dedicated to ensuring the best experience for its users, and is thus very judicious about the partners it works with. All car detailers are subjected to rigorous quality inspections, and are insured to provide doorstep car detailing services for your precious vehicles. Take it from the thousands of weekly users who rely on MobileWash to clean their car; MobileWash has been reviewed by more than 2,600 people on the Apple App Store, earning it a stellar 4.9 stars. As car detailers come prepared with their own supplies, power, and water, you can leave your car in their care and return to a meticulously scrubbed and spotless car.

MobileWash lacks for nothing that traditional car detailing at a workshop offers, except a more fastidious work done right at your doorstep. In the interest of simplicity, users may choose from either the Express, Deluxe or Premium packages, and add-on services as they wish. The Express package provides a thorough exterior wash; the Deluxe package elevates the experience by scrubbing the most hardy grime off the interior; and the crème de la crème, the Premium package further nourishes the leather seats and waxes the exterior for longer lasting protection from dirt, dust and oxidation.

As seen from the picture, the app is pretty user-friendly with three options available—Express, Deluxe, Premium. Prices vary for car models and location.

With MobileWash’s transparent and affordable prices, car owners can obtain an instant quote through the app or site before engaging their services. Depending on the make, model and location of the vehicle, the prices may vary from the starting prices listed below.

Starting prices (excluding add-ons):

Express: USD$22.99

Deluxe: USD$28.99

Premium: USD$64.99

Save $5.00 off every 5th car & bundle two or more cars to save $1.00 on each.

Just as the best quality restaurant food can now be delivered to your doorstep, so too can quality car detailing with MobileWash. But unlike eating-in, food deliveries may be cold or lacklustre; at MobileWash, masterful car detailers make the trips themselves, equipment in tow, to give your car the sparkle it deserves.

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