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The All-New Naran Automotive HyperCar is Whatever You Want It To Be

Limited to a mere 49 examples, this bespoke four-seater Hypercar will be personally and extensively individualized to each customer’s preferences and lifestyle.

Dec 09, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

With an exclusive portfolio of only 49 beautifully hand-crafted ultra-high performance cars, Naran Automotive wholeheartedly embodies the idea of art on wheels. Through blending a variety of unique characteristics in order to deliver the purest connection between each vehicle and its driver, Naran Automotive’s inaugural high-performance Hyper Coupe will be the first in a driver focused portfolio of low volume individually tailored hypercars.

Conceptualized with a goal of becoming the world’s fastest four-seater Hypercar around the Nurburgring, this uncompromised roadster showcases a powertrain developed in Germany with a bespoke transmission and 5.0L Twin Turbo V8 engine, capable of delivering an astounding 1048 HP and 1036 Nm of torque. Installed to provide an engaging yet challenging driving experience, this four-seater Naran Hypercar promises to instill confidence and uphold performance in environments with less traction, with an additional option of switching from four-wheel to Rear-Wheel-Drive.

Through utilizing 390mm performance carbon ceramic disks originally developed for 24 hour endurance racing, alongside a bespoke carryover GT3 cooling system which provides the thermal resilience needed to cope with hard track use, the Naran Hypercar is able to significantly reduce wear-and-tear, whilst improving vehicle life expectancy. Combining the knowledge from series racing to create the next generation of analogue driving experiences, Naran Automotive’s latest build boasts hydraulic steering, four-way adjustable dampers, forged carbon ceramic brakes, double-wishbone suspension, hybrid carbon wheels and 1377 KG of downforce.

Available for pre-order online via the Naran Automotive website, this all-new four-seater hypercar will undergo a limited production of 49 examples, personally and extensively individualized to each customer’s preferences and lifestyle. Scheduled to debut in 2021, Naran Automotive has also announced added perks including the option to name or rename the bespoke model during production.

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