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The 2019 Bentley Continental GT might just be Bentley’s finest car in decades

The newest incarnation of Bentley’s Grand Tourer comes with a revamped W12 engine that outputs an impressive 626bhp.

Sep 02, 2017 | By Pameyla Cambe

First launched in 2003, the Bentley Continental GT may not particularly stand out in Bentley’s arsenal of motorcars, but it’s always kept a track record of being a decent drive for most. The all-new third generation Bentley Continental GT, however, might have just raised the bars for British brand altogether.

The first noticeable change is the exterior. The 2019 Continental GT sports a new surfacing of electric blue, easily makes it is the cleanest, clearest interpretation of a modern GT car to have ever rolled out of Bentley’s production line. As noted by company CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer, the car is “the pinnacle of our design and engineering achievements and marks the next step in Bentley’s journey.”

Under the hood, the ultra-stylish Grand Tourer hides its secret weapon: a revamped 6-liter W12 engine. The upgrade allows the car to output a whopping 626bhp and 900Nm of torque. That translates into a 0-100km/h time of 3.7 seconds and 333km/h top speed.

The driving experience has also been redefined, thanks to the Continental GT’s new adaptive chassis. On one end, the car can feel like it’s floating over bumps on the road; on the other, it acts like a rock, staying superglued to the tracks and rigid in the corners.

The cockpit features every conceivable modern digital and active safety convenience: a high-resolution digital display in the dashboard, a central infotainment and navigation screen, and analogue dials for the car’s external thermometer, chronometer and compass.

The 2019 Contintental GT will be on display at the upcoming Frankfurt autoshow later this month, where visitors will get to marvel at Bentley’s new luxury vehicle for themselves.

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